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Des moines in-floor radiant heat installation

In-floor radiant heat has become a popular choice over the last few years because of the wonderful way it feels, its high efficiency and its unique health benefits.

At its most basic, hydronic radiant floor heating involves heating a structure by pumping warm water through specially designed tubing laid under or within the floor. The floor becomes warm, and as the heat rises, so does the temperature of the room. The space feels much more comfortable at lower temperature settings, because the heat is coming up from the floor. People are warmed in the same way as they are warmed by sunshine on a cool day.

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Floor drafts, cold spots and dry air are eliminated. Dust, air contaminants, bacteria and low humidity levels – all problems associated with forced-air heating – are nonexistent in a properly designed radiant heat system.

It’s also quiet! There are no noisy fans or radiator expansion noises. Energy efficiency is one of the system’s strong points because the system delivers heat where it’s needed, with little waste. A thermostat can be put in every room of the house and unoccupied rooms can be set back to save energy. In addition to being a great choice for new home construction, in-floor radiant heat is also an excellent choice when you’re considering an addition, including garage and workshop floors.

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