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City Wide Heating and Air Conditioning provides a full line of residential air conditioning services and products to fit your needs and budget. To keep your system running smoothly and efficiently, we recommend scheduling an annual AC tune-up. Better yet, sign up for our worry-free service contract, and we’ll schedule it for you!

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The new generation of air conditioning systems are so efficient that they use about two-thirds the energy of previous systems. These systems can save you money, as well as reduce the need for new power plants in the future. When buying a new air conditioner, consider its cooling capacity, efficiency and price.


Capacity is measured in B.T.U. per hour, which is the amount of heat it can remove from your home as it cools the air for one hour. Models today vary from 12,000 to 60,000 B.T.U. per hour. The higher the B.T.U., the larger the living space the system can cool.


Efficiency is expressed in terms of the seasonal energy efficiency ratio, or SEER. The SEER is figured from a system’s B.T.U. and will vary based on its air conditioning capacity. An efficient central air conditioning system will have a SEER of 13.0 or higher.


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